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My Sims Love Affair

This is where I post any and everything related to the Sims.
I'm a decade long fan of this franchise! -diego2memphis


Overdue replies…

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Reblog if you don’t plan on leaving The Sims 3


I’m sad because a lot of blogs I like are choosing TS4 and completely dropping TS3. I just want to know if at least some people are sticking with TS3 or both TS3 and TS4

I still have a lot to do in the Sims 3… I’ll be playing both!


Ivan calls up some friends but as he hangs up the phone, he suddenly has a strange feeling just like his mom was talking about.  He just can’t pinpoint why calling his friends up and inviting them over tonight would give him a reason to worry a little.  He ignores it and goes to check out his new bedroom furniture.

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Travis:  How about the party?

Ivan:  I’m about to make some calls now.  You don’t know anybody?

Travis:  A few idiots at work, but nobody I wanna party with.

Ivan pulls out his phone and calls a few people he knows.

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Ivan is glad to see that his new fish tank has arrived with no problems.  Now he has a place to put some of the fish that he catches during his dives. 

Ivan:  You still at it?

Travis:  Yeah… I need to get this F chord mastered before work tomorrow.

Ivan:  Good luck with that.

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Ivan pauses before entering the house.  Travis is inside with his guitar once again.  Ivan appreciates the fact that he’s dressed this time.

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Ivan:  Alright old man…

Vance:  Old man!  I wasn’t so old last night when your mom and I-

Naomi:  *interrupts* Vance!!

Vance:  Uh… that’s not for your ears.  Go on, get out of here!

Vance gives Ivan a high five.

Ivan:  Love you dad!

Vance:  Love you too son!

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Ivan walks over to Naomi and gives her a hug.

Ivan:  Don’t worry mom… everything will be okay.

Naomi:  I know… and I guess your dad’s right.  Just make sure to keep your bank account numbers and credit cards safe.  This dude could rob you blind!

Ivan:  How about if I keep all my important stuff on the houseboat?

Naomi:  *relieved smile*  Yeah, do that.  That makes me feel better!

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Vance:  Look… you’re only young once, even if moving in with this roommate is a mistake, learn from it and keep it moving.

Naomi:  *angered sigh from across the room*

Ivan: Okay dad, thanks! Well… I have to go and make sure my new furniture gets delivered. 

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Vance:  People move in with roommates all the time…

Ivan:  That’s what I’m saying!  What’s the big deal?  If I went to college, I’d have a roommate!

Vance:  Your mother may be overreacting as usual-

Naomi:  Overreacting!!  *walks away angry*

Vance:  *to Naomi* Just kidding babe!  *lowered voice to Ivan*  Yes… overreacting.  Just be careful and make sure he’s paying his half of the rent.

Ivan:  I will.

Vance:  You still have the houseboat?

Ivan:  Yes… I’m keeping it.

Vance:  Smart. 

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Vance gets a sno cone from outside, then re-enters the house and sits down.  Ivan walks over and joins him on the couch.

Vance:  So what’s going on son?

Ivan:  Mom wants me to talk to you about my new roommate.

Vance:  Is it that fine girl that I met at your party? She was…

Naomi:  *from across the room* Vance!

Vance:  *completes sentence in a more appropriate manner* … a very nice young woman.

Ivan:  *chuckles*  No dad… she’s just a friend.  I moved into a house with this guy named Travis.

Vance:  A guy? Are you…?

Ivan:  No, he needed a roommate and I agreed.  Living on the house boat kept making me sea sick, so I felt it was time to live on land.

Vance:  I don’t get it… what’s the problem?

Naomi walks over…

Naomi:  The problem is… he doesn’t even know this dude.  He could be crazy or something.

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Celebrity reply…


What celebrity did I attempt to model Travis after?

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Naomi:  I don’t like it!

Ivan:  You don’t like what mom?

Naomi:  *stares out window* The whole situation… something is off about it.

Ivan:  But you haven’t even met Travis… what do you mean ‘something is off’?

Naomi:  Listen to your mother! … I don’t see this situation turning out well.  You should talk to your father about it.

Ivan:  Talk about what?  Mom, you’re tripping!

Naomi:  *warning tone* Ivan!

Ivan:  Okay mom… I’ll talk to him.

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Meanwhile back at Ivan’s new house, I catch Travis like this - lol  BTW, my celebrity creating skills may not be very good, but can anyone guess which celebrity I modeled Travis after?

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Naomi:  Who’s your roommate?

Ivan:  This guy named Travis that I met a few days ago.

Naomi:  A few days ago?  What… are you two sleeping together?

Ivan:  Mom, no… he’s a real roommate.

Naomi:  Well who is he?  Where’s he from?

Ivan:  I don’t know mom!  He needed a roommate and I agreed.

Naomi:  *dropping the matter for the moment*  Okay Ivan.

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