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My Sims Love Affair

This is where I post any and everything related to the Sims.
I'm a decade long fan of this franchise! -diego2memphis


Replies and a reject pic to dress it all up!

brittssims replied to your photo: My little ones are growing up so quickly! First,…

omg I LOVE her hair!! where did you get it?!

It used to be on My Sims 3 Blog here, but the link is no longer available.  But there is a similar, re-textured version available here.

pixelpixies replied to your photo: Snow White is finally ready to be ridden again,…

She is so pretty

Thank you!  I just love her :)

tumblinrob replied to your photo: With Vance being into photography, I needed a…

Great idea

Thank you…it’s just too bad the cashier won’t show up, but I found a mod to fix that!

faerieprank replied to your photo: …but only for the briefest moment. Should she…

HEART bby.

I agree, but I’m still not 100% where this storyline is going.

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